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Complimentary Services for Buyers

Below are complimentary services that Larry Djinis offers to each of his buyer clients.

Enhanced Market Knowledge

Finding the best property, paying the right price, and closing escrow on the home of your choice are the most important factors to a successful transaction.


Larry believes that localized knowledge is imperative to a successful transaction. Having lived in Tempe for over eighteen years, Larry has profound market insight into the various neighborhoods in the area. Additionally, as a Realtor for the top brokerage office in the East Valley, Keller Williams Realty East Valley, Larry has extensive connections with other agents in the area. Oftentimes, other local agents share their upcoming listings with Larry before the properties go on the market. Furthermore, as a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty East Valley, Larry Djinis receives exceptional clout and name recognition when submitting offers for his clients.


As a client, you will have access to Larry’s market insight, connections, and potential “Coming Soon” Tempe listings.

Detailed Negotiation Strategy

The home buying process is not easy. There are many details involved and only the best agents can understand the intricacies and use them to their clients’ advantage. Larry’s knowledge and expertise gives him the ability to navigate through the home buying process and negotiate the best purchase price for his clients.


As a client, Larry will work with you to understand your specific needs, circumstances, and financial situation. Prior to making an offer on a selected property, Larry will have a detailed negotiation and deal structuring discussion with you. In his experience, being prepared, anticipating the seller’s reaction, and having a negotiation strategy prior to submitting an offer often put Larry’s clients at a significant advantage, especially if there is a bidding war situation.

Persuasive Offer Presentations

Listing agents and sellers consider many factors when reviewing offers. Of course, the offered price and terms are important, but other variables factor in the analysis as well. For example, the professionalism and reputation of the Buyer’s agent and the brokerage of the offer tend to indicate the likelihood of a successful transaction. Larry prides himself on putting forth persuasive, clean, and well-written offers. 

Superior Understanding of the Purchase Contract

A purchase contract, once executed by the buyer and seller, is legally binding on both parties. Understanding the terms in the purchase contract and its meanings are imperative. Clients should not take “you should talk with a lawyer” when asking agents basic real estate legal questions. Case law supports the position that Realtors are expected to understand and explain the legal consequences of a real estate transaction to their clients. Realtors should be expected to know the intricacies of the purchase contract and all of its implications.


Larry believes that it is simply not enough for an agent to know and understand what the contract states. What sets a great agent apart from a good agent is knowing what the purchase contract doesn’t state, how it can be changed, and what risks are being undertaken. The ability to utilize the purchase contract as a tool for better results further sets Larry apart from other agents.


As a client, Larry will work with you to answer questions relating to the purchase contract and how best to use the contract to increase the likelihood that your offer will be accepted at the best possible price.

Post-Closing Assistance

Larry goes above and beyond standard real estate transactions. He digs deep into the buying process with his clients to help ease the stresses of home buying. With such dedication, Larry provides his clients with assistance both before and after the home purchase. As a client, Larry will provide you with a list of trustworthy and reliable licensed contractors who will help you with any changes you would like to make. 

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